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SLAFF supports and raises awareness for grassroots community development initiatives. It is through our Community Support Program (CSP) that we are able to provide financial support to organisations that strive to create positive changes in their communities and address social issues. Since 2006, we have raised more than $124,000 for 28 worthy organisations through ticket sales. Take a look at where Festival ticket sales go!


BiblioWorks Region: Bolivia
Project: Viernes de Lectura

BiblioWorks believes that where knowledge, literacy, and learning exist, people have the resources to solve social issues, maintain and strengthen their cultural identities, and to grow their community economically.

Since 2005, they have built and equipped libraries in rural Bolivia where the concept of public libraries is relatively new, and so, with money raised from CSP they will hold weekly events in the city of Sucre where reading will be promoted via recreational activities. Girls, boys and the wider Sucre community will be encouraged to see books as friends (“Un libro, como un amigo”) in the open/outdoor space of the 25 de Mayo Plaza. Children will listen to stories and also read independently. Viernes de Lectura brings reading to children, where they would otherwise not have access to books. 

CreArte Region: Chile Project: CelebrArte
is concerned with the current situation of many children in Chile who live in adverse conditions, and aims to design and implement program, projects and other initiatives that help children to discover their abilities, build positive self-esteem and enhance their creativity and promoting their capacity for resilience.

Through their project CelebrArte, 100 children will participate in a creative, cultural and artistic event where the children themselves dictate the activities that will take place on that day, thus promoting their own capacities and art as a form of expression and creative development. CelebrArte encourages a great mobilisation of joyful and creative energies that make possible an unforgettable formative and transforming space.

Pinta Solidaridad 
Region: Dominican Republic
Pinta Solidaridad
 is the first organisation from the Dominican Republic to receive funds from CSP. Funds raised in 2017 went to ‘Operativo Platanitos 1.0’. A project in which 100 children were evaluated to better understand their immediate needs and be exposed to alternative intellectual and interactive workshops and activities.

Redes Solidarias  Region: Ecuador
Funds raised in 2017 went to women who have fled violence forcing them to reside with their children in a refuge that provides food and housing. The project ‘Talita’ trained participants in the elaboration of artisanal chocolate in the hope that the women will develop their own microenterprise as a means of income and healing their trauma

Trabajo y Persona  Region: Venezuela

Project: Emprendedores de Muebles

Established in 2009, Trabajo y Persona aim to recuperate the value of work in Venezuelan society and therefore a person’s dignity via the way we educate and prepare the community for work.

CEPIA – Cultura, Educacion y Psicologia de la Infancia y la Adolescencia  Region: Costa Rica

CEPIA stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents and seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers and their families from poor backgrounds in the communities of Guanacaste, Costa

Cambio Creativo Country: Panama 

Founded in 2010, Cambio Creativo is an educational organisation targeting young students and community members of Colon, Panama.

Meli Wixan Mapu Country: Chile

A Mapuche indigenous organisation based in Santiago, Chile that strives to maintain and promote Mapuche culture and autonomy.

Si Kanda Country: Mexico

‘Kanda’ means ‘movement’ in Mixtec and since 2009 has aspired to create better collaboration and improve people’s quality of life.

Instituto Raoni Country: Brazil 

Project: Kayapó songs and body art

Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)  Country: Guyana
Project: Video Documentary

Asociacion Payasos – Atz’anem K’oj  Country: Guatemala

A non-government organisation established in 2001, which provides access to information about HIV and AIDS.

Corporación Ágora Creando Conciencia Country: Colombia
Established in 2009, Corporación Ágora Creando Conciencia deliver programs which focus on engaging young people in social change.

Estación A – Nucleo Cultural Country: Paraguay
Established in 1999, Estación A – Nucleo Cultural provides social services to promote fair trade and development in Paraguay.

Fundación Nueva Vida Country: El Salvador\

ARTE ACCIÓN COPÁN RUINAS Location: Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Arte Acción Copán Ruinas was founded in 1999 and is a Honduran non-profit organisation that coordinates cultural activities for young people in the region of Copán Ruinas.

AYNI Location: Alto de los Mores – Piura, Peru

Ayni was established in 2001 and works together with the rural community of Alto de los More in Peru to alleviate some of the major barriers of extreme poverty for indigenous Peruvians.

Un Techo Para Mi País (A Roof For My Country)

The Uruguayan organisation “Un Techo Para Mi País” (A Roof For My Country) provides construction of emergency housing for families living in a situation of poverty,


The Latin American House was created to provide financial support and solidarity to human rights organizations in Latin America.


BOLIVIA is a non-profit network of public libraries dedicated to providing popular education and literacy development opportunities for small communities in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.


MISIÓN MÉXICO is a refuge for children in Tapachula, Mexico, run by Queensland couple Pamela & Alan Skuse. Misión México provides refuge and hope to children who are orphaned, abused or poverty stricken by giving them a home, family, love, education and opportunities for advancement in all areas of their lives.


Argentine Institute for Sustainable Construction (IARCOS) The Argentine Institute for Sustainable Construction (IARCOS) is a non-profit, non-government organization comprised of over 100 members and collaborators dedicated to providing sustainable, progressive solutions to humanitarian issues at a community level in the province of Buenos Aires,


PERU’S CHALLENGE is a non-profit, non-government organization that assists over 1,300 community members each year in rural areas surrounding Cuzco. Organisation: Elipse Parcial, Expresiones Culturales Country: El Salvador A non-profit, cultural organisation whose objective is to introduce art as a tool for social expression.

Tropical Rainforest Coalition

The Sydney Latin American Film Festival will be contributing to the Tropical Rainforest Coalition’s “Save an Acre” land purchase project in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This projects purchases pockets of the Llushlin River Rainforest in a buffer zone bordering the Sangay National Park.


The NSW Spanish-Latin American Association for Social Assistance (SLASA) is an independent, not for profit community association, which acts on behalf of the various Spanish and Latin-American communities in NSW. The philosophy of SLASA is one of access and equity, with an emphasis on education, support and the provision of information.

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